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All I have is now. This moment is it for me. You know that. To me, there is no tomorrow. There is no day after tomorrow, or a month later. To me, this moment is all I've got.

Kang-chil: I have been thinking,
why people these days love each other carelessly.
Ji-na: Why is it?
Kang-chil: It's all because of diamonds.
Ji-na: No way.
Kang-chil: It is.
Ji-na: Why is it?
Kang-chil: Diamond can't break easily.
So they think love also can't break easily.
That's why they are sometimes careless to each other.
But this wooden ring can break easily.
Unless you take care of it.
So, we have to appreciate our love everyday.
And take care of our love.
Otherwise, our love will be broken.
Just like this ring and necklace.
Ji-na: Okay. I won't forget.

Got from korean drama, Padam Padam.. The Sound Of His And Her Heartbeats

Dah lama tak tengok ayah beruniform kerja. Tengok dekat berita "Wow sapa tu? Handsome gila." :)

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